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Nickname Message Date
Chrissie yeah think so 14.05.2019
schalkeboy dore is dead in tm2 ? :( 20.03.2019
sanjnasharma hi 05.03.2019
anzz greetings to d2c 22.02.2019
ameliesachs 17.02.2019
nuls good to know 24.01.2019
ameliesachs I'm still alive ...just info 14.01.2019
nuls nadeo died 02.01.2019
Kiddo Is dore dead, in TM canyon? Cheers Kiddo 13.12.2018
Chrissie dore died, np deal 17.11.2018
seven11 can someone help me i want to dl my carskins. cant find them. 21.05.2018
nuls hi 23.04.2018
seven11 ello guys. 18.04.2018
Chrissie np real life first 18.03.2018
makaróni Hi guys, sorry for the inactivity, I have more tasks and projects and tests and whatever at university than in the previous 5 semesters together... and I won't be active until late May... sorry 10.03.2018
ralphbeich90 hi!! 22.02.2018
ameliesachs Match Spam vs d2c this sunday 18th, start 21:0-21:15. More info and doodle in match thread. 16.02.2018
ameliesachs maps for friendly match with Spam are on dore train server...gogo dores 10.02.2018
Chrissie Please check fun match dirt section 07.02.2018
Aquila Sry guys I was a little bit busy nowadays, but Im back and try to be active again! 04.02.2018
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