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Wannabe Dore

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# Thread - 06.04.2015 at 22:15

We are having a scrim with 3 teams from the 22nd of May until the 31st of May
With Smurfs, AD and Dore 2 Cuo
Suggested rules for the scrim are:

Scrim length: 10 days
Time Commencing: 22 May 20.00 CEST
Time Finishing: 31 May 20.00 CEST
Type of Scrim: TA (Time Attack)
Password: "will be given just before scrim start"
The scrim will be with played on 12 new maps in total, preferably 4 each from each team, built by their own team, or if nescessary built by another team or mapbuilder.

• Overall Winner = team with highest total points
• No limit on players per team


• Tracks should be longer than 25secs and less then 70 secs.
• Cut maps cannot be chosen in an attempt to trick the other team
• No LOL(luck) and Fullspeed maps


• Server will be password protected
• Round length 15 minutes
• No Restarting tracks (While any member of the other team is online, unless they ALL agree to restart)
• No skipping tracks (Unless 100% vote system)

General Rules:

01. No limit on players per team
02. No Giving out the scrim password
03. If someone is recruited during that time he/she can't drive in the scrim
04. Only allowed to race on one account
05. No letting someone else race on your account
06. No impersonating other racers
07. Spectating players from other teams is allowed, but ask first like we normally do
08. No abusing other racers or clans (joking around is fine obviously)
10. No admin restarts, skips, etc unless it is only one team in the server
11. Keep it fun as that’s what this Scrim is about


1st : 15 points
2nd : 14 points 9th : 7 points
3th : 13 points 10th : 6 points
4th : 12 points 11th : 5 points
5th : 11 points 12th : 4 points
6th: 10 points 13th: 3 points
7th: 9 points 14th: 2 points
8th: 8 points 15th: 1 points

120 Points to win on each track, all best 5(*) of each team will receive points, see below for example:

(*) At the start of the scrim we will check what the size is of the smallest team to increase the amount of scoring members, in agreement of all teams of course!

We have to figure out if all agree on these terms and also set a date

I think the discussion topic can be held on our forum if all agree oc


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# Answer: 1 - 07.04.2015 at 13:31
Interesting , could be fun



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# Answer: 2 - 10.04.2015 at 16:24
Update concerning our maps:
Add them to the Filebrowser of "Admin Talk" on our TS, our people will then add them to the Test'n'Train

Starting now, our Test'n'Train will also have a new password to keep our tracks a secret, this pw can be found in whatsapp, or you can ask other dore members if you're not in there

edit: pw for the channel/filebrowser on ts, is the same as the pw for our server

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I could post even more

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# Answer: 3 - 10.04.2015 at 16:50
This could be nice, to be a part of.. Looking forward to it!

Kiddo is fast as fuck!



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# Answer: 4 - 22.05.2015 at 20:16

join the server through the link on the left side, and get the password from other people in the teams

remember: dont share the password outside of ad/dore/smurfs



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# Answer: 5 - 28.05.2015 at 22:32
rules just changed, we upped the limit of players who can get a dream to 10, so the maximum points per map go from 15 for first place to 30 for first place

Thread author

Wannabe Dore

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# Answer: 6 - 04.06.2015 at 22:32
To finish this awesome scrim, i would like to thank all of you guys who helped making this scrim as awesome as it was MANY MANY THX!
As a remembrance present hereby i give you this

Have fun watching!



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Try to beat me

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# Answer: 7 - 05.06.2015 at 02:10
nice vid haagse

would be awesome too see a vid with all top 10 times in all maps :B

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# Answer: 8 - 05.06.2015 at 10:43
Thx Revols

I would have liked to do multiple replays but i suck with the trackmania editor. Thats why i just did my own replays for now

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