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CEP Results - End of Group stage

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Well done everyone for completing the Group stage

In the Premier league
khomut had drivers hec_ker and Benzo driving. As you can see in the gif we didnt take the last race too seriously. We wanted to stay last as it gave us a better group in the quali finals. So we did 3/4 of the race as safety cars and then held our own doughnut race to finish it off.

In Open league 1
döre²cuö had Smytherines and Raz0rmanni driving. Smytherines had a great race with a couple touches at the start but then caught up with the rest and took first place on lap 7, he managed to hold that lead and finished in 1st. Raz0rmanni also had a great race in which he fought within the top 5 for the whole start of the race, then reached 4th in lap 11. He finished in 4th.

4 Asier had drivers h.ey and Seven driving. Seven had a consistent race where he switched between 6th and 8th. He finished in 7th (what a shocker). h.ey had a good start racing in 5th but made a mistake on lap 5 dropping down to 8th and then stayed there until the end.

In Open league 2
Team.9 had drivers Aircoco and Yakusi driving. Aircoco started in 4th but dropped down to 9th after a big crash on lap 3. He then battled his way up to 5th on lap 10 and stayed there for the rest of the race. Yakusi started ok in 6th, managing to get up to 4th in the following laps. He then had a big crash went down to 10th, made a few more mistakes and ended up in 11th

After the group stage:

khomut finished 8th in Premier league
döre²cuö finished 2nd in Open league 1
4 Asier finished 5th in Open league 1
Team.9 finished 4th in Open league 2

Teams khomut and döre²cuö have both qualified for the Qualification Finals 1, unfortunatly only one team will be able to qualify out of this group but it should be a fun battle at least.

This Weeks Standout Players are:

Smytherines: He had a great race with almost no mistakes and managed to get 1st Place with a good gap to 2nd.

Raz0rmanni: He got 4th place which together with Smytherines allowed their team to move from 3rd in their group to 2nd meaning they qualified for the semi finals.

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Trackmania Turbo Release 24.03.2016

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Winner of the SDR Winter Cup 2016

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Congratulations to hurri and mannnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for the great result!

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